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All five residences benefit from very generous space. The single runs are 8 feet by 10 feet (2.4 meters by 3 meters which is 80 square feet). Each run contains an individual holiday cabin which is 4 feet square (1.2 meters), and 6 feet high (1.8 meters). All cabins have two windows giving two aspects.


Family run


Family run

The family runs are fantastic,  8 feet by 14 feet (2.4 meters by 4.2 meters which is 112 square feet) with a 5 foot  (1.5 meter) wide cabin.

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Each residence has indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and a radio. We also have heated pads for those cats who feel the cold.

Each residence faces onto a garden area, which we have designed specially with your cats entertainment needs in mind, to provide an engaging and interesting array of plants, wild life amusement.


The comfort and happiness of your cat is our priority at cattery purrfection.  In our experience it is less stressful for cats if they are accompanied by their owners to help them settle in.  You can stay as long as you like with your cat to help them settle in to their luxury accommodation. The more personal possessions you can bring for your cat the more they will feel at home.   Although we can provide everything your cat needs throughout their stay, cats feel safe with familiar things around them and so we encourage you to bring your cat’s beds and bedding, bowls, toys, and litter tray. If your cat enjoys being groomed please bring his or her grooming equipment. I am happy to brush them for no extra charge.

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If getting to us is a problem for you, we can provide transport if necessary.

Because we want to ensure the best possible experience for your cat all diets are catered for.  We also have all the best foods available: Royal Canin, Canagan free range chicken, fresh chicken or fish.